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Tycker du att alger är spännande? Är du intresserad av att få veta mer om hur alger kan vara nyttiga för oss människor? Nu har inbjudan till den andra Seaweed for health (Alger för hälsan) konferensen kommit ut.

Många spännande ämnen och fyra intressanta keynote-talare, däribland Dr. Susan Brawley som bland annat arbetat med blåstång i Östersjön.

Varför inte boka in tre dagar med virtuellt vetenskapligt alg-häng i väntan på sommaren och bättre badtemperaturer?

Dear everyone with a scientific and/or commercial interest in seaweed bioactives and health The 2021 Seaweed4health online conference will be on May 18-20 CET. (Changed from May 17 due to public holiday)


Dr. Yimin Qin– Director of State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Seaweed Substances at Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Ltd, China. An overview of the applications of bioactive seaweed substances in health products.

Dr. Susan Brawley– Professor of Plant Science in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. Ecologicial Influences on the Food Value of Different Algae.

Dr. Theo Niewold– Lead Science Officer Human & Animal Health and Wellbeing at The Seaweed Company, Ireland. Immunology, health and seaweed: Mechanisms and implications.

Dr. Maria Hayes– Research Officer Natural Products Chemistry. Teagasc Food Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland. Seaweed solutions for preventative healthcare: benefits and caveats concerning seaweed nutrients and bioactives.

We now have to make an online conference interactive by bringing: ·       Cooking session with pre-shopping list ·       Seaweed bingo ·       Poster session success will be repeated ·       Seaweed collection video- Send in your best seaweed collection video or a photo collage.

Registration: Registration is now open. You will receive a link to the computer that register, but if you use this computer in a meeting room you and your colleagues can all join the virtual meeting, and watch it on a large screen.

Topics Topics will be on seaweed for cosmetic and antiaging, protein, animal health, vira, flavour, quality, preservation and control of bioactive compounds among other topics.

Mark the dates: Conference will be on May 18-20 CET. Abstract submission Monday March 15. Submit here

Get updates on the website www.seaweed4health.org, follow us at Facebook group “Seaweed for Health Conference”, twitter: #seaweed4health, Instagram: @seaweed4health

We hope to see you online

Organizers and S4H board: Susan L. Holdt and Ditte B. Hermund (Denmark), Stefan Kraan and Michela Caprani (Ireland); Professional Conference Organizer: Henrik Dyhr|Crone & Co

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